Coining & Embossing

The high-precision, non-contact PEM machining process makes intricate coining and embossing designs easier to produce than ever before. With highly-reproducible surface finishes of Ra ±0.05µm or better in extremely hard metals and no burrs, microcracks, thermal or mechanical stresses, PEM is well-suited to creating coining and embossing tools and dies.

Typical Applications:

  • Medal stamping tools
  • Coin stamping tools
  • Embossing dies

Medallion coining dies can include hologram features.

The coin die shown above features shapes, sizes and surface textures which have different requirements across the face of the die. The matching conditions need to be machined into the electrode with a typical machining gap allowance of 10 microns. A precise electrolyte flow pattern is provided by the tool design to allow the required feature and surface to be machined. The medallion die illustrates the range of detail produced by PEM. A variety of these dies have been produced including one with a hologram feature. The machining time for a die ranges from 8 to 25 minutes depending on the size and detail. Read the full story: CMM November/December issue 2013, pages 40-45.