Get precision parts in a small footprint with the PEM 400

The PEM 400 machine produces high precision metal parts that are absolutely burr-free without thermal or mechanical stresses, microcracks, white layers or electrode wear. The non-contact machining process delivers surface finishes down to (and better than) Ra ±0.05µm for prototyping, batch quantities, and mass production.

The PEM 400 model is a compact machine with a space-saving layout and high-precision axis guidance. It can be used as a standalone unit or in a group of network-linked machines to produce components on multiple lines.

STRUCTURE Exceptionally rigid natural granite frame on vibration-isolating feet. Stationary machining table with integrated stainless steel T-slots.
TABLE DIMENSIONS 15” X 19.7” (W x D) 380 X 500 mm
FOOTPRINT 23.62” x 72.83” (W x D) 600 x 1850 mm, excluding PEMAQUA electrolyte preparation
VERTICAL FEED Air bearing maintenance-free precision direct drive axis.
OSCILLATION RANGE Open, set by user
MEASURING SYSTEM High resolution absolute linear digital glass scales
FIXTURE CLAMPING 3 T-Slots (M12) in table
OPERATION Ambient temperature: 60°F to 95°F (15°C to 35°C). The highest precision reached at a constant temperature of 68°F (20°C). Relative humidity max: 75% at 68°F (20°C)
GENERATOR Water-cooled modular generator delivers precision pulse power — monitoring voltage, current and pulse length in the µ-second range. Up to 1,000 A output
ELECTROLYTE PREPARATION The environmentally-friendly PEMAqua electrolyte conditioning system has a multi-chamber tank with overflow protection. The unit filters, backflushes, cools, heats, and adjusts for optimal conductivity and pH; and then safely stores waste.
INSTALLATION No special machine foundation or footing required.
WEIGHT 2866 lbs (1300 kg) approx.
AXES XY Adjustment aid optional.
CONTROL Using the PEMControl, operators can monitor and adapt all process steps and application parameters for the PEMMachine, PEMPower, and PEMAqua. Program the machining steps and monitor the process in real-time using freely adjustable tolerance bands. Archive your individual program steps, measured values, and error messages for fast analysis and correction. Export for offline evaluation. Includes HMI PC keyboard and 17” touchscreen.
SAFETY Real-time process monitoring and optimization. CE certified.