Punching & Forming

Punching and forming require tough tools and dies. PEM Technologies’ Precision Electrochemical Machining is a great match because it is a non-contact metal forming process which generates complex macro- and micro-structures in extremely hard metals. Leaving behind no burrs, thermal or mechanical stresses, microcracks, white layers or electrode wear, PEM can produce parts in any quantity — from prototypes to mass production.

Typical Applications:

  • Punch dies
  • Cutting dies
  • Heading dies
  • Mold cavities
  • Wire drawing dies
  • Cold forming dies
  • Forming tools
  • Innovative tool designs
  • Cooling passages
  • Mandrels

Four separate punch tools for EDM now produced as one part with PEM

Once produced as four separate tools via wire EDM, the star- and sun-shaped features shown here are now part of a single precision punch produced with PEM. Note the undercut around the entire geometry.