Sytem Overview

We offer a family of high-efficiency Precise Electrochemical Machining solutions suitable for prototyping, batch quantities and mass production of high precision metal parts. Each PEMMachine has been engineered to pair perfectly with a PEMAqua electrolyte processing/supply unit, a PEMPower generator unit, and a PEMControl operator station — all perform in tandem for the ultimate in precision. Learn more about each component below.


PEMMachines are made out of granite and stainless steel with maintenance-free precision direct drive axes and high resolution digital glass scales. Table dimensions and footprint vary by model. A choice of generator power and electrolyte processing capacity provide versatility across applications. No special machine foundation or footing is required for installation.


The PC-based, intuitive PEM control system with touch screen interface provides for ease of operator input and graphical status display. Using the PEMControl, operators can monitor and adapt all process steps and application parameters for the PEMMachine, PEMPower, and PEMAqua.

DESIGN Free-standing cabinet with HMI and controls mounted at eye level and located in close proximity to the PEMMachine.
DIMENSIONS / WEIGHT 2.6’ x 2.6’ x 6.5’ (W x H x D) 800 x 800 x 2000 mm approx. Weight: 462 lbs (210 kg) approx.
HARDWARE Service friendly: modular components can be interchanged to mini-mize downtime.
KEYBOARD Standard PC keyboard
MONITOR 17-inch touchscreen
USER INTERFACE Set up the machine, program the machining steps, and then monitor the process in real-time using freely adjustable tolerance bands. Ar-chive your individual program steps, measured values, and error mes-sages for fast analysis and correction. Export for offline evaluation.
NETWORKING Optional network connection available


The state-of-the-art, high efficiency PEMPower source generator delivers precision pulse power — monitoring voltage, current and pulse length in the µ-second range. Modular cabinet allows multiple PEMPower units to be connected in parallel for maximum pulse current up to 9600A.

CONFIGURATION Power supply unit is housed in a free-standing electrical switching cabinet. Can be expanded to four PEMPOWER units connected in se-ries to increase maximum pulse current.
DIMENSIONS / WEIGHT 2.6’ x 2.6’ x 6.5’ (W x H x D) 800 x 800 x 2000 mm approx. Weight: 900 lbs (408 kg) approx.
CURRENT Pulse current available from 2000 to 9600 A. Short circuit detection and shutdown.
CURRENT FEED Hard copper rails in switching cabinet. Copper cables in overhead conductor trays connect with PEMMachine.
COOLING Water cooling


The electrolyte processing and supply unit for the PEMMachine is environmentally-friendly and automated. The PEMAqua provides microfiltering with variable flow rate and controlled pH, conductivity, and temperature.

DESIGN PEMAqua unit filters, backflushes, cools, heats, and adjusts electrolyte for optimal conductivity and pH; and then safely stores waste. Multi-chamber, tank with overflow protection holds clean electrolyte, pH balancing fluids, and waste electrolyte. All fluid levels monitored. Double containment basin provides an additional security measure.

(2000 LITERS)

8.2’ x 8.7’ x 7’ (W x H x D) 2500 x 2665 x 2160 mm approx

Weight (approx): 12,500 lbs (5650 kg) filled; 5800 lbs (2650 kg) empty

SUPPLY PUMP Multi-stage variable pressure centrifugal pump for pulsation-free supply of electrolytes to the PEM process.
RETURN PUMP Centrifugal pump returns used electrolyte to the main tank. Level controlled.
FILTER CYCLE Continuous electrolyte filtration using a micro filter unit. Automatic cleaning of filter through backflush.
COOLING / HEATING Temperature regulated heat exchanger cools; and immersion type electric heater heats electrolyte to optimal process temperature (65-72°F).
ELECTROLYTE Water based salt solutions
ELECTROLYTE CONDUCTIVITY & pH CONTROL Continuous measurement of the electrolyte’s electrical conductivity and pH via sensors and variable setpoint control. Automatic addition of water, electrolyte concentrate, or buffering agents by dosing pump.