Flexible Floorplan Configs

The modular components of the PEM Machining Center allow for a variety of configurations depending on facility requirements. Contact your PEM Technologies representative for assistance with a layout that fits your site.

Electrolyte Preparation

The quality of the electrolyte is of the utmost importance in ensuring your PECM machine stays free of contamination when operating. The machine and the electrolyte preparation system must — like the machine as a whole — be perfectly matched and aligned.

Both of these elements — the machine and the electrolyte preparation system — have been developed, rigorously tested, and manufactured by us. Whether it’s a standard unit with a tank volume of 1,000 or 2,000 liters, or a unit specially built with a modified tank volume to meet customer requirements, a PEMAqua electrolyte preparation system is a guarantee of quality.

Microfilters are fitted in the precise quantity needed. The electrolyte is monitored and regulated with regard to its conductivity, pH value, and temperature, all through a fully automated system. We take care of everything to ensure our electrolyte always performs at the highest level!

Shown above: customized 10,000 liter PEMAqua electrolyte processing solution.

Tool Design & Manufacture

The same principles apply to tool design: it must be consistent and it must be adapted to suit your particular needs. So we see tool design as being just as important as the machine itself. Our application-specific tooling is comprised of electrodes configured to the geometry of the workpiece to be machined, electrolyte flow chambers and workpiece holding fixture. This is where our PEM Application Centers (PACs) come into their own. With PACs located around the world, there is always one near you. Here you will find one of our specialists, ready to work with you on developing, testing, and implementing your particular design.

Example: Valve Plate Series Production Tool

  • 64 components produced simultaneously
  • Palletized system for external loading and unloading


Every PEM machine is unique, because every application is different. Our aim is clear: we want to find the very best solution for each and every customer. This might mean customizing the automation process on a standard machine, or developing something fundamentally new to meet special requirements. Working together with you and our specialist partners, we will develop a complete package to suit your needs.

Example: Integrated equipment concept

  • Fully automated management of 3 PEM machines using 2 robotic cells
  • One cell loads machines 1 & 2, the second cell loads machines 2 & 3
  • Machine 2 can be loaded by either cell, so this machine is used flexibly